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Indiana or Indy for short is our lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch. She stands at 25.5″ inches and has successfully produced two litters of puppies. She is a real family dog with perfect manners (although you have to watch the food on the table!), loving and very gentle in nature. She is very atheltic and loves swimming. Brilliant with children, she looks after Max, our little boy of four.

About her appearance

She has excellent South African champion bloodlines and an ideal Ridgeback appearance with good feet, proportion throughout her body and head.

See her pedigree here.

Indy Pedigree

Indiana Pedigree

Indy Ridgeback

Indy with Pups

Indy Enjoying a dip in the pond
Indy Enjoying a dip in the pond
Indy Makeda Ridgeback

Indy out with the family on a walk

Indy as a ridgeback puppy

Indiana as a puppy on a cold winters day

Indy covered in Mud - Ridgebacks love to get dirty

I don't need a bath!

Makeda Indiana Resting

It's a hard life being a Ridgeback

Indy and Leo as Ridgeback Pups

Indy and Leo playing Peekabo