Ridgebacks Love Goats Milk

August 31, 2011  |  Lastest News  |  Comments Off on Ridgebacks Love Goats Milk

Our Ridgies love fresh goats milk from our herd of Anglo Nubian goats. We’ve been told it’s the closest thing to mum’s milk. Goats eat all sorts of interesting things and are especially fond of branches from elderflower and hawthorn trees. This is perhaps why the milk is so good and tastes fantastic. Anglo Nubian goats are prized for their high butterfat content and we think it gives puppies the best start in life.

Here’s a picture of Nettle, Plum, Martello and Max kidding around. Can you spot the odd one out?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Love Goats Milk

George – What A Handsome Ridgeback

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Rhodesian Ridgeback George

George 1 Year Old - What a Handsome Athletic Ridgeback

We had a lovely suprise this morning – an inbox full of pictures of Makeda Rhodesian Ridgebacks from Indiana’s litter of pups in 2010.

George is a really handsome ridgeback and we were delighted to see his pictures. Thanks to owners Adrian and Jen for sending them in. We always pleased to hear about our pups and how they are developing.

George Rhodesian Ridgeback

George Enjoying a Walk in the Woods



Ridgeback Puppies In The Car

August 25, 2011  |  Lastest News  |  Comments Off on Ridgeback Puppies In The Car

We were looking through pictures from 2010 and found this rather cute one of the puppies getting ready to go for their first vaccination. It was rather fun at the surgery with all 15 puppies!

Ridgeback puppies in car

The Makeda Ridgebacks Getting Ready For Their First Car Journey

2010 Ridgeback Puppies Doing Well

August 25, 2011  |  Lastest News  |  Comments Off on 2010 Ridgeback Puppies Doing Well

Indiana had a litter of puppies back in March 2010 and we are pleased to say, they are all doing great. Thanks to all the new owners who sent in these lovely pictures of their Makeda Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Makeda Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog

Nandi Relaxing in the Sun


George Ridgeback

George Enjoying a Game of Tug - One of the Makeda Pups from 2010

George Ridgeback from Makeda Stud

What a handsome dog, George!

Please find attached some of the latest pictures we have of George. We spent the day at Brean Sands today and George had a great time, lots of new smells, textures to explore and new friends to make. He went in the sea quiet confidently but only when i’d gone in first.

We’re really pleased with the way he’s turning out a handsome fella and really well behaved, walks off the lead well, comes back when he’s called straight away, couldn’t ask for more at almost 6 months old.

We’ll send more pictures as he grows which judging by the size of his paws is quite a bit more.

Best Wishes

Adrian & Jen

Kelby Makeda Ridgeback

Kelby Winning Best At Show - Well Done!

Indiana with Rhodesian Ridgeback Pup

Indiana with Kelby